The claim by young activists was not satisfied

On August 10, a claim by young activists, Adnan Hajizada and Emin Milli against Baku City Main Police District, Baku Prosecutor's Office, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Main Prosecutor's office was looked at by Sabayil District court.

The court which started at 3:30 PM was held closed. The lawyers objected to the closed process of the court. The claim was about the violation of youth's innocence presumption by the law and order enforcement bodies. The court did not satisfy the claim.

In two statements by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Prosecutor's Office it is talked about Adnan Hajizada's and Emin Milli's guilt. In the statements it was said that the youth has committed hooliganism and have beaten two people. This is why their detainment is legal. However, according to the youth's lawyers, only court can proclaim them guilty.

Emin Milli and Adnan Hajizada have been arrested after the incident in "Lebanese" restaurant on July 8.

On July 10, the Sabayil District Court has arrested the youth for 2 months.

The youth's arrest has been condemned by several international organizations.

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