The parents are getting prepared to turn to the court

The parents of Emin Milli (Abdullayev) and Adnan Hajizada still have not been given permission to meet with their children.

According to Emin Milli's mother Natela Abdullayeva she was not able to meet her son even after official request: "First, I asked for a meeting unofficially. I was told that I should write a statement asking for a meeting. So I wrote, but up to this day I haven't heard anything from them."

According to the lawyer Elton Guliyev, the reasons why the detained are not allowed to meet with their parents are not clear. The parents will turn to the court in upcoming days regarding this issue:

"In the European penitentiary rules, the innocence presumption defines that the prohibition of meetings may only be caused by the social interests and national security reasons. These are exceptional cases. There is nothing exceptional in Emin Milli's and Adnan Hajizada's case for such a cancellation and prohibition."

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