Bloggers' fate is in Western diplomats center attention

The fate of arrested young bloggers and very sick and imprisoned Novruzali Memmedov remains in the center of international community's attention.

In the recent days the members of Western diplomatic bodies have held meetings with Azerbaijani Ombudsman Elmira Suleymanova.

On August 11, the Ombudsman met with representatives of Belgian and Hungarian embassies Peter Booms,Tibor Szilagyi, Zoltan Bach and the Head of European Commission in Azerbaijan Alan Vaddams. On August 12, the Ombudsman met the American Embassy's representative on political affairs Joan Ganson.

Western diplomats have expressed their concern regarding the arrest of young bloggers Adnan Hajizada and Emin Milli as well as ex-editor of "Tolishi seda" (The Voice of Talish) Novruzali Memmedov currently held at the hospital of Ministry of Justice Penitentiary Service.

According to the information given to "Turan" agency by Ombudsman's press service, Elmira Suleymanova has told about the Obmudsman Office's multiple branches of human rights protection, the cooperation with NGOs, government bodies and civil society, as well as cooperation with specialized international and regional organizations, with European Union and national human rights institutions in foreign countries.

Touching upon young bloggers' case, Suleymanova mentioned that since Hajizada and Milli were detained, Ombudsman Office's representatives met with them several times at the temporary detention center of Khatayi District Police Station. Apart from that, Suleymanova has turned to the Ministry of Interior and Head Prosecutor's office, asking them for an objective investigation of an initiated criminal case, checking the legality of detainment as well as to investigate the possibility of re-conciliating the affair until the court.

According to Elmira Suleymanova, the youth has not expressed their dissatisfaction with the detainment conditions. At the same time, they have refused to participate in the investigation. She stressed that they are expecting the court process.

The representatives of Ombudsman's office have also visited Novruzali Memmedov at the hospital of Ministry of Justice Penitentiary Service several times. They have also met with the management of the hospital. Medical advice on his condition as well as receiving necessary medical aid was given.

It was noted that after this visit the sick person was given more care and transferred to a room just for himself. He has been meeting regularly with lawyers and doesn't have any complains about his conditions. In order to investigate his condition more, more medical experts were sent to Novruzali Memmedov. In recent days, he will hear the final opinion on his condition and will be cured according to medical experts' opinion.

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