We are living in such a madhouse

Now, the embassies are targeted

Head Prosecutor's Office and Ministry of Internal Affairs made another statement regarding the arrest of youth activists Adnan Hajizada and Emin Milli. There was a strong message to the embassies by the law and order enforcement organs who regarded the event as a simple act of hooliganism stripped of any political motives. According to the statement, it is lamentable that certain embassies step out of their diplomatic mission and interfere in the internal affairs of the state. Head Prosecutor's office and Ministry of Internal Affairs calls upon the embassies to stop interfering in the investigation process.

Embassies' surprise

Dmitry Terakhovsky, the public relations officer in US embassy in Azerbaijan expresses his surprise regarding the statement:

- I don't consider our statement as an involvement in the work by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. I am surprised that they look at it that way. Yes, we are worried about the arrest of these youths. We don't see anything wrong here. Yes, there was an information which was contrary to the official version of these events. This is true.

In its statement on July 11, American embassy called on Azerbaijani government to respect rights of its citizens.

Are law and order enforcement organs involved in politics?

According to "Zerkalo"''s commentator Azer Reshidoghlu this statement made by law and order enforcement organs is a clear sign that they are involved in politics. Also, he sees this as an indication of not respecting the opinion of leading Western countries' diplomatic missions.

Azer Reshidoghlu thinks that there is a clear political order behind the arrests of Adnan Hajizada and Emin Milli. The purpose is to prevent any action by the youth who knows foreign languages, has serious connections and is interested in seeing the democratization process in the country.

- On the other hand, this is a message to all the active people in youth movements and people who are coming into politics. If you act contrary to the government, you will be accused of either hooliganism or using drugs and get arrested.

According to Azer Reshidoghlu, arrests of Ganimat Zahid and Mirza Sakit as well as Rizvan Talibov, who was the chairman of Ali Insanov's Rights Protection Committee are clear proofs of the fabricated accusations and arrests.

The Donkey Clip

Adnan Hajizada's father and member of Musavat's Divan (Council) Hikmat Hajizada relates the arrest of the youth in the video clip on donkey aired recently on Internet. In that video clip, a donkey from Germany holds a press conference and states that not even animals', but human rights are not respected in the country.

According to Hikmat Hajizada, certain circles misunderstood the video clip:

- See, this is the madhouse we live in.

In "Yeni Musavat" newspaper published on 14 July, new and strange versions were speculated. According to Musavat, the reason why the youth were arrested is not in their online activities. According to a source which wants to remain anonymous, there was an opinion formed in government circles that certain Western countries are planning an "orange revolution" in Azerbaijan. Hence, the close ties between this youth and foreign embassies has caused irritation.

Funny thoughts or political order?

The organizations which protect the youth are preparing the article to deny versions by "Yeni Musavat." The member of Youth Protection Movement Ramin Hajili notes that they are planning to speak to the leadership of the newspaper.

- I hope the newspaper will deny these funny thoughts. If they won't, this would signify a political order.

Adnan Hajizada and Emin Milli are accused of hooliganism and a criminal case has been opened. According to court's decision, they have both been sentenced to 2 months until investigation continues.

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