Isa Gambar expresses his opinion on versions regarding the youth activists' arrest

"The enthusiasm displayed by ruling circles about the arrest of youth activists is the enthusiasm of a different kind. The fact that in two days both Baku City Prosecutor's Office and Ministry of Internal Affairs gave two statements is saying a lot about their desire to feed the wrong and fabricated version to the public." The head of Musavat party Isa Gambar made this comment on the arrest of two youth activists Adnan Hajizada and Emin Milli on Mediaforum website.

Isa Gambar noted that the logic of this affair is clear. "The government wants to discourage the youth from social and Internet action and silence them by this blow to the youth movements. Our government is used to the habit of feeding these lies to the public and not facing any protests, except from human right activists and defenders, political opposition and journalists.

However this time the opposition was more or less consolidated and came not simply from usual suspects mentioned above, but also from different layers of the society as well as from international organizations. The reaction was quick and prompt as different countries expressed their opinion through embassies, international organizations and more specifically, human rights organizations. This reaction was a transparent and a very clear one. This time the world outside showed perhaps not openly, but covertly, that "we didn't believe your lies and we are not going to show like we did.

It seems that the government is confused with this fact. This is because they are used that the world either remains silent or gives some neutral statements. Yet this time, the reaction from the world outside was crystal clear. This is worrisome for the government and that is the reason behind their aggressive statements.

The head of Musavat noted that there is no logic in government's actions. "It is absurd to ask human rights organizations not to get involved in this issue. First of all, human rights cannot be an internal affair of any state. And second, Azerbaijan has voluntarily assumed international human rights obligations. And the international community demands the fulfillment of these obligations today. Hence, our government won't be able to get away with this."

Isa Gambar has also noted his opinion on the article about the motives of the arrest published by "Yeni Musavat" newspaper. "Frankly, the version which was speculated in that newspaper didn't seem believable to me. First of all, it is interesting that Azerbaijani media, especially independent and opposition media, generally accuse the West of supporting the Azerbaijani government, the current regime and being indifferent to the events. So how come America suddenly decided to change the government?It is surprising that this version went out all of a sudden."

I think that someone from inside the government passed out this message to the media in order to find a psychological explanation for the arrest of the youth activists. They want to persuade the society not to get involved, as this affair is big enough and can get even bigger. If you are paying attention, there are funny notes in the statements made by our law enforcement officials as they say that there will be further investigation about the other 4 people which were present there and that they may get involved in the future as well. This is done in order to either silence the actual witnesses or to make them say things which would be suitable for the government.

In the same way, this information which was passed out to media has a purpose of making the society to conform with the decision and not get involved. Frankly, for me, this version is not believable at all."

The head of Musavat also noted that it is unpleasant that these types of articles are published in independent and opposition media. "Yeni Musavat" published an article on 14th of June on the motives of Adnan Hajizada's and Emin Milli's arrest. According to the article, US was planning a change of government in Azerbaijan through revolution and youth activists were engaged in that plan as well. Azerbaijani government being aware of the fact decided to arrest Emin Milli and Adnan Hajizada.

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