The investigator on Emin-Adnan case: “There are no political motives here.”

Ziya Aliyev, Senior Investigator of the Sabail Region district, investigating the case of Emin Milli Abdullayev and Adnan Hajizadah, two youth leaders, arrested on the 10th of July for two months, answered the questions of Media Forum site:

-In the official statement, spread by the City Prosecution Office and the General Police Station, it is stated that the case is politicized. As someone who investigates the matter, what can you say about it?

- As someone who investigates the case, I can say that there are no political motives in the case, this is purely common hooliganism situation. There is no need and no base to give this situation a political meaning.

- The defenders, Elton Guliyev and Isahan Ashurov say that there was a law violation in the young people’s protection of rights, they were provided by defenders too late.

- From the moment they were detained, their right of protection was acknowledged.They were provided with defenders. None of their protection rights were violated.

- We would like to forward the position of victims: Babek Huseinov and Vusal Mamedov to the can we reach them?

- We as a criminal tracking institution followed the procedures, concerning the investigation. We will continue this afterwards as well. That’s why we don’t know how right it will be for some other institution to interrogate.

- Was there someone interrogated yesterday, or today?

- The investigation is taking place. Needed steps are being taken.

- You were one of those you first seen Emin and Adnan. Was there a feeling that they need a medical care? The defenders’ side claims that there was no medical care provided.

- They were provided with medical care. And afterwards all of their requests fr medical aid were not left unconsidered. Right away there was analysis, and medical interference involved.

- Who are the representatives of Vusal Mammedov and Babek Huseinov?

- They have not presented their defenders to the investigation yet.

- It was said that one of the victims was receiving the stationary treatment. is he still in the hospital?

- If you’d give me a chance I would continue my business.

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