Ali Ahmadov: “Can a political position be expressed in the restaurant?”

“Some people make contradictory statements by declaring that young persons have been arrested because of their political view. Which political position has been concerned? Is being son of somebody considered as a political position? Can a political position be expressed in the restaurant? There is no logical stand for the statement telling that if a person cannot be arrested if he is son of someone.” said Mr. Ali Ahmadov, Deputy of Parliament, Executive Secretary of Yeni Azerbaijan Party during the interview to the site “Media Forum” regarding the arrest of Mr. Emin Milli, founder of AN Youth Network and Mr. Adnan Hajizadeh, founder of OL Youth Movement.

A.Ahmadov has stated that, being someone’s son or holding any kind of profession has no influence in front of the law. “Each law has requirements and corresponding actions are taken to those who are not following those requirements. I wish Azerbaijani press would not turn into the mouthpiece which is spreading such unsubstantiated accusations. The attention should be drow to the actions done by these arrested people and not to their family bonds. The press should not turn into utility in case if someone wants to suppress the actions taken by their children by debarring them from their responsibilities.”

Executive Secretary of YAP also stressed out that people intending to approach objectively to this case should choose whether to trust to the claims of some persons or to the announced official accusation towards people breaking the law.

Mr. Emin Milli and Mr. Adnan Hajizadeh were arrested in the evening of 8th of June, 2009 in “Lebanese” restaurant after the taken place fight. Criminal case under 221.2.1 article of Criminal Code (hooliganism acts performed by group of individuals) has been started with regard to the fight among Mr. Emin Milli and Mr. Adnan Hajizadeh dining together with five other young persons and Mr. Vusal Mammadov and Mr. Babek Huseynov sitting at the neighbor table. 2-month arrest decision has been taken towards Mr. Emin Milli and Mr. Adnan Hajzadeh by Sabail district Court.

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