Emin Milli detained alone in multi-prisoner cell

Youth movement activist Emin Milli's attorney Elton Guliyev met with him at Baku Pre-trial Detention Center today. The attorney told "Media Forum" website that Emin had no complaints over detention conditions. "He said he's confined alone in a multi-prisoner cell. As for his mood, he is astonished by the way this situation unfolds, as every innocent person would be. Both them and we are convinced that their arrest is motivated by their public agenda."

Elton Guliyev said Emin Milli received medical treatment at the Baku Pre-Trial Detention Center : "He was examined by a doctor. He is receiving treatment and recovering."

The attorney reported of an appeal being prepared for submission to the Baku Court of Appeal and said he had no information about Vusal Mammadov and Babek Guseynov - parties deemed victims by the investigation case : "It's still a question for us who those guys are and who sent them to the restaurant. How come they ain't subject to a formal medical examination? Nobody even hurt them."

A coordination group set to defend the rights of youth movement activists Emin Milli and Adnan Hajizadeh had a press-conference today. Eye-witnesses of the 8 July incident at "Lebanese" restaurant disclosed the details to the journalists. The group leader, lawyer Erkin Gadirly told "Media Forum" that it was agreed to meet weekly to discuss actions aimed at defending the young activists.

Police arrested Emin Milli and Adnan Hajizadeh in the evening of 8 July after a scuffle at "Lebanese" restaurant. The authorities initiated the criminal case under Article 221.2.1 of the Criminal Code (hooliganism perpetrated by a group of people) to investigate the incident between E.Milli and A.Hajizadeh having dinner together with other five young people and Vusal Mammadov and Babek Huseynov sitting at the next table. On July 10, Sabayel District Court ordered 2 months pre-trial detention for E.Milli and A.Hajizadeh.

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