Adnan Hajizadeh's father says there's no information about him

13 July is Adnan Hajizadeh's birthday. However, one of the founders of "OL" Azerbaijan Youth Movement celebrates his 26 anniversary behind bars - at the Baku Pre-trial Detention Center.

A.Hajizadeh's father, political scientist Hikmat Hajizadeh told "Media Forum" website today that they managed to deliver food package to his son on 12 July. "But they didn't allow us to meet with him. We couldn't find out what conditions and what type of cell he's detained in. We have no information about all this."

A.Hajizadeh was born in 1983 in Baku. He graduated from Richmond University in the US and works at BP Azerbaijan. He was arrested by the police on the evening of 8 July, together with another youth activist Emin Milli, founder of AN Social Network following the scuffle at "Lebanese" restaurant. The authorities initiated the criminal case under Article 221.2.1 of the Criminal Code (hooliganism perpetrated by a group of people) to investigate the incident between E.Milli and A.Hajizadeh having dinner together with other five young people and Vusal Mammadov and Babek Huseynov sitting at the next table. E.Milli and A.Hajizadeh were taken to custody as suspects. On July 10, Sabayel District Court ordered 2 months pre-trial detention for E.Milli and A.Hajizadeh.

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