Arrested bloggers to sue "Yeni Musavat" newspaper

Sevinj Huseynzadeh

Emin Milli and Adnan Hajizadeh plan to sue "Yeni Musavat" newspaper, Emin Milli's attorney Elton Guliyev told Radio Liberty after visiting him on 15 July.

Guliyev says there are such plans and the newspaper is likely to be sued : "We demand truth and objectiveness. Emin Milli never had active political agenda. His attitude towards revolution culture in Azerbaijan is also negative. In his speeches he never supported revolution and said Azerbaijan needed speedy progress."

E.Guliyev said E.Milli's health and detention conditions were normal.

E.Milli and A.Hajizadeh were arrested on 7 July following an incident at "Lebanese" restaurant and charged with hooliganism. The court verdict ordered 2 month pre-trial detention for both.

Their attorneys filed a court appeal on 14 July.

"Yeni Musavat" newspaper wrote both bloggers were arrested for attempts to organise a US-supported "orange revolution" in Azerbaijan.

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