Adnan Hajizadeh demands rebuttal from "Yeni Musavat"

"Adnan Hajizadeh's health and detention conditions are normal and he is comfortable with the way the detention center management treats him" attorney Isakhan Ashurov told Turan news agency.

Ashurov visited the blogger on Wednesday and said Adnan was surprised and angry with the article published in "Yeni Musavat" talking about Adnan Hajizadeh and Emin Milli's involvement in "orange revolution" plans in Azerbaijan.

Adnan's attorney quoted him: "I am not a revolutionary and not part of any color revolution project. Article in Yeni Musavat is a nonsense. I think this provocation is aimed at creating negative opinion in the grass roots about me. It's clear what motivates those who assert so. But I can't understand why Yeni Musavat participates in this dirty process. I demand rebuttal for this groundless article."

Ashurov also said Adnan's broken nose was X-rayed at the detention center. "But they didn't hand examination results to him. Hajizadeh doesn't receive medical treatment for nose injury."


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