Sufferers mix testimonies at the trial of the bloggers


Trial on the case of the bloggers Adnan Hajizade and Emin Milli continued today in the Sabail regional court. Bloggers are accused of hooliganism at the restaurant “Lebanese” on July 8 in Baku.

Prior to the trial the lawyer Isakhan Ashurov asked the court to allow parents of the accused to meet normally with their children in accordance with the provisions of the European convention on Human rights. Judge promised to let them meet after the session.

Then the sufferer Babek Huseynov gave testimonies. Responding the questions of lawyers he confessed that deal with martial art Wushu.

Being asked , can Huseynov recognize the girls because of whom the fight began Huseynov said “no?” Then he repeat that Emin beat Vusal, and Adnan beat him. Being asked can he recognize a policeman who took him to police sation, Huseynov gave negative answer. He said stayed in the hospital 8-9 days, but could not explain what had happened to him, and said that he had a pain in his side.

Being asked what he wrote in the appeal to police Huseynov said: “I wrote what policeman told me to write.” Huseynov could not answer to the question how the accused could beat him, a sportsman. He said that he “was afraid to be arrested,” that’s why he gave interview via Internet. But Huseynov do not know the name of famous internet-portals of Azerbaijan.

Then the witness Ilkin Alizade, the owner of “Lebanese” restaurant said that he did not see the fight, and was told about it on the phone. The damage caused to his restaurant was about 40-50 manat. The accused did not pay the bill, but he does not have any claims against them/ said the owner. The other witness Dashgin Abbasov, working as a guard of cars in front of restaurant also said that he did not see the fight. He heard a noise, and could see how two men escaping the restaurant. Then policemen came.

The other witness, a waitress by name Gulshan told that at 18:00 six or seven people came to the restaurant. In 45 minutes two more people came. Then the fight began, but she did not see who begun first. The waitress said she did not see the girls because of which the fight began.

Father of the owner of the restaurant, Rizvan Alizade said he did not see who had started the fight. Contrary to the words of the owner of restaurant, Alizade and the waitress said that Adnan and Emin paid the bill.

Neither guard nor father of the owner of restaurant, nor waitress heard abusive language at the restaurant. But sufferers stated that namely bad language caused indignation of some girls, and it caused the fight.

The trial finished, and hearings have been postponed for uncertain period. On completion of the trial youth activists sang Azerbaijan’s hymn and cried out “Freedom!”

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