Letter from the Member of the German Bundestag to the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Dear President,

Many people in Germany, Europe and beyond are following with great concern the detention of Azerbaijani citizens Adnan and Emin, and the circumstances of this case.

Closed court proceedings, parents and foreign diplomats being refused permission to visit the prisoners, a very questionable investigation and the improper treatment of the prisoners at the beginning of their provisional detention: this cannot be reconciled with the principles to which your country has committed itself, including by its membership of the Council of Europe.

I would therefore like to request once again that you take up this matter personally. During my last visit to Baku, the public prosecution office and the police confirmed that there would be no obstacle to my visiting the prisoners if this was authorised by a higher government authority.

For this reason I am appealing again to you as the supreme state authority.

I would like to request that you issue a letter of confirmation – or order a ministry to do so – which I can show to the relevant state agencies and officials, stating that in your view, or the view of your office, there is no obstacle to my visiting the above-named prisoners during my next visit to Baku from 31 August and 1 September of this year, and that the subordinate authorities must allow me to visit on one of these days. Of course, it would be even better if the prisoners were free by then.

The police and the public prosecution office confirmed during my last visit that the investigations regarding both prisoners have been completed. Even if matters are viewed from an entirely different perspective, therefore, continuing to hold them in provisional custody appears to be unnecessary and arbitrary, from a rule-of-law perspective.

As a close friend of your country who has always worked towards good relations between Azerbaijan and Germany, I appeal to you to fulfil my request. This case is causing considerable damage to Azerbaijan’s reputation in Europe and beyond, and should be concluded as quickly as possible. Until then, an important signal would be sent by permitting the detainees’ parents and me to visit.

I greatly hope to receive your support, so that I may soon be able to travel to Baku for more welcome reasons once more.

Thank you very much in advance.

Respectfully yours,

Jörg Tauss
Member of the German Bundestag

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