"There is no ongoing investigation process on youth's case"

July 29, 2009

Father of young activist Adnan Hajizada, Hikmat Hajizada, says that there is no ongoing investigation process regarding his son's case. "They are not taking Adnan anywhere and neither is investigator coming. He is just sitting there and reading books." Hikmat Hajizada explains the absence of investigation process in the following manner: "Perhaps everything is clear to them."

"In the last 15 days there hasn't been any questioning or face-to-face hearings"

Let us remind you that one of the OL Movement co-founders Adnan Hajizada and AN Network co-founders Emin Milli are accused of hooliganism. When they were dining in "Lebanese" restaurant on July 8, Babak Huseynov and Vusal Mammadov sitting at the neighboring table approached them and the fight started afterwards. While Emin Milli and Adnan Hajizada claim to be beaten and the suffering side, the law enforcement organs consider otherwise. On July 10, Sabail District Court has opted for 2 months detention decision for them.

According to Adnan's lawyer Isakhan Ashurov, no information regarding the investigation is given to the lawyers. He says that they should be informed about the investigation too.

"Of course, one side should let the other side know about its actions. This is an attitude."

According to Emin Milli's lawyer Elton Guliyev, after the arrest decision about the youth has been taken, no investigation with their presence took place. According to the lawyer, in the last 15 days his defendant has neither been questioned nor had face-to-face meetings with someone (i.e. meeting with assaulters) : "The investigation with his presence was only held up to court's decision. That is in two days, in the time period of being detained as a suspect till taken out to the court."

At the same time, Elton Guliyev is saying that investigation can take place without their presence too. Perhaps evidences and proofs are being collected, hence they cannot complain about the investigator. Also for now, the investigation period has not been changed.

Then, the question is, if all the investigation took two days only, what was the need for two months of detention? Elton Guliyev says that from the first day they noted that the arrest decision was wrong. They think it was a groundless decision and condemn it.

"They can complain to the prosecutor"

We couldn't learn Head Investigator of Sabayil District Police Station, Ziya Aliyev's opinion regarding those comments. However, head of media service of Prosecutor's Office Elkhan Sultanov answered our question:

"If the lawyers of accused Adnan Hajizada and Emin Abdullayev have any complaints about the investigator or his decisions, they may complain to the prosecutor in charge of conducting initial investigation, in accordance with the Penal Process Code."

According to lawyer Erkin Gadirli, the investigators are confused themselves and not sure of where they will be leading this case.

"The world is watching this case with attention"

Last days there have been numerous calls from international organizations to release the young activists immediately. The last such statement came from Christoph Strässe, OSCE's reporter on political prisoners in Azerbaijan. He asked for an immediate and non-negotiable release of Adnan Hajizada and Emin Milli.

On July 29, European Parliament's human rights subcommittee sent letters to Azerbaijani embassies in Belgium, Luxembourg and European Union. The committee head reminded Azerbaijan of the obligations undertaken in the framework of European Human Rights Court and noted the violation of youth's rights during detention and investigation.

Could these statements help the progress of investigation or help in the release of the youth? According to Hikmat Hajizada:

"Perhaps they could. They would not release the kids after each statement. Yet all of this shows that the world community is keeping its hand on the pulse of these events. This is good."

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