Statement a group of CEU Alumna


of a Group of Alumna of Central European University

As it is known, on the 8th of July youth activists – Emin Abdullayev (Milli), one of the founders of “AN” grassroots movement and Adnan Hajizada, foreign relations coordinator of OL! Azerbaijan Youth Movement, were attacked by two people in “Lebanese” restaurant. Young people filed a complaint to the police were later suspected of hooliganism and sentenced for 2 months pre-trial detention, while two people, who attacked Adnan and Emin, were released, despite the fact that, at first, they were detained as suspects. Young people, who had injuries as a result of the incident, were not even given first aid.

We, a group of young people, who want the establishment of just society and legal state in Azerbaijan, state that, we regret this incident and protest such a conduct against young people, one-sided attitude of law-enforcement structures to the incident, lack of respect to basic human rights and liberties of these young people. We should regretfully note that, such incidents badly influence our country’s international image, along with demoralizing youth striving for comprehensive development of our country. Also taking into account that, aforementioned young people are known for their positive qualities in the society, in the collectives, they have studied and worked and have never been accused of any crime, we demand the change of detainment decision, just investigation process and punishment of real perpetrators.

Alumna joining the Statement:

Rashadat Akhundov
Parviz Abbasov
Aytan Gahramanova
Javid Gadirov
Sabit Abdullayev
Aida Badalova
Huseyn Ismaylov
Fuad Aliyev
Anar Mehdiyev
Azer Sagiyev
Aysel Soltanova

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