The official information about the arrested Emin Milli and Adnan Hajizade has been released

The Prosecutor’s Office and the main Police Station of Baku city has spread the information about the arrest of the young activists – Adnan Hajizade and Emin Milli.

The information published on the official website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs says, on June 9, 2009, at about 18.00, Adnan Hajizade, who was drunk, also Emin Abdullayev and 5 more people with them were swearing and talking loudly at the Lebanese restaurant-bar, when Vusal Mammadov and Babek Huseynov approached them trying to stop them swearing but were attacked by them without any reason.

Before the police reached the place of incident, 4 people who were with Adnan Hajizade could run away but 3 of them were arrested and taken to Sebail region Police station no 9.

After the medical test it was revealed that Adnan Hajizade was drunk in a medium level, Orkhan Gafarov in a light level but Emin Abdullayev, Vusal Mammadov and Babek Huseynov haven’t taken any alcohol. Babek Huseynov who was injured during the incident, has been given the first medical care but Vusal Mammadov is still in the hospital because of his head-brain injury.

On this fact, the crime investigation as per the point no 221.2.1 of the Crime Code of Azerbaijan Republic has been launched by the Investigation department of Sebail region Police station and initially the lawyer Vagif Mammadov took the responsibility to defend the arrested 2 guys. Later on, the lawyers Isakhan Ashurov and Elton Quliyev – requested with the official warrant, joined the defence of the above mentioned persons.

During the investigation, Vusal Mammadov and Babek Huseynov gave a testimony as victims of the incident. Orkhan Gafarov who was sitting next to Adnan Hajizade and Emin Abdullayev during the incident, has been questioned as a witness and the rest of the guys who ran away - Parviz, Ulvi, Nureddin and Bahram are being searched.

Adnan Hajizade and Emin Abdullayev were sentenced to 2 month by the Sebail region Court on July 10, 2009.

The objective process of the investigation, considering the queries received by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Azerbaijan Republic and the main Prosecutor’s Office, is under control.

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