The lawyers of the arrested victims appeal against the Sebail Police

Isakhan Ashurov and Elton Guliyev - the lawyers of Adnan Hajizade and Emin Milli have prepared a letter of complaint, saying that the young activists had been treated violently at the police station.

Being interviewed by the ‘media forum’, Isakhan Ashurov stated that, the letter about the abuse and the violation of the legal rights has been already prepared and it will be passed to the Sebail region court tomorrow. I.Ashurov also noted that it’s illegal to manacle the suspects at the police station: “As per the European penitential rules, manacling is against law in all cases. Only handcuffing is allowed but that must also be proved as a necessary action and should be consistent with the proportions of the crime. But the victims, although they were in a bad state after being attacked and beaten, have been manacled at the Sebail polis station.”

While bearing testimony at the police station, the victims have all rights to appoint the lawyer they prefer and refuse to be defended by someone appointed against their wish, Ashurov mentioned.

The exact day of when the letter of appeal against the arrest of A. Hajizade and E. Milli will be reviewed, is not definite yet. As per Isakhan Ashurov, the appeal has been made 2 days before: ‘’I hope they will review the letter either tomorrow or next Monday’’ said the lawyer.

The young activists were arrested on July 8, being accused in hooliganism (executed by some group of people), as per the points no. 221.2.1 of Criminal Code. On July 10, they were sentenced to 2 months arrest by Sebail region Court.

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