Is that so difficult to see the value of each nation in its own people?

Saadet Jahangir

Adnan Hajizade and Emin Milli have been wildly beaten in one of the central cafés of the city. To be more correct, by assaulting these young ‘intellects’, these nameless, unknown outlaws were conveying the message of their ‘bosses’. Hmmm, don’t be mean - we can’t talk about ‘intelligency’ in this case.

The beaten guys were mean to complain to police. But it’s obvious enough how the police work. They always support those who’s more powerful….means, they’ve released the executer of the ‘Action’ and arrested the victims.

I’ve known Emin from his activities in ‘Alumni Network’ and from his brave speeches on the press and abroad. And I’ve personally known Adnan – one of the establishers of ‘OL’ Youth Movement. He studied abroad, is a guy of high education level and sharp judging capability. He has had his military service and known as one of the fighters trying to change the society towards the world values. They can be added to the list of the most precious youth of the country without any hesitation.

Actually they’ve been arrested for hooliganism. Well, we are used to that, aren’t we? But in any case, it’s amazing how such an unprofessional operation has been performed so professionally. It makes me laugh when I think of Adnan accused in hooliganism, while he’s well known as a quiet and patient person by nature. Especially, when he’s nose is broken….. What a country is this? How long our people are going to stand this lawlessness? Now, how you can assure that the police are not supporting these gangsters or are doing nothing than executing their orders?

Most of governmental authorities of Azerbaijan can consider the Oil as the only resource of the country. What a pity! Is that so difficult to see the value of each nation in its own people? Conclusion is, no point of expecting any of above-said appreciation in a place where those values are a complete crash.

Everyone can see the consequences of those who tries to tidy up the societal defects. Two years ago, Adnan held a ‘clean day’ in Bayil Park with some active youths living around. We still can see the wastebaskets that were placed in the park by those guys using their own budget for it. It may be a tiny detail to mention, but there is some symbolism here, isn’t it?

Indeed, there is no door open for intelligence in a place where the violence of the powerful is supported. There are series of poems written by the Great Sabir, devoted to Baku outlaws. But nowadays Baku is no longer the same Baku.

Even the ‘bravery’ is now given to those performing duty things. Damn the need…and damn those who turned this wonderful country to Hell…

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