Executive branch in Baku knows that no one is looking

Ilham Aliyev and his cronnies are truly writing the book on amateur statehood. Two Azerbaijanis were recently set upon by two plainclothes men in a situation that can only make more clear the lengths that the Azerbaijani government is willing to go to maintain the double-face of open-armed reform minded classic republicanism and clench fisted misers. Emin Milli and Adnan Hadji-zadeh.

AP’s got the details:

"Hadzhizade is a video blogger and member of the “OL!” Movement, one of several opposition groups in the country, as well as an employee of British oil giant BP, which has major investments in Azerbaijan’s massive oil and gas industry. Milli is an opposition youth activist who also runs an Internet TV program. "

This is really upsetting the balance in Baku in places that were better left alone. The U.S. and German embassies are getting in on condemning this Azeri flop as well as BP and the OSCE, most certainly unfortunate relationships to jeopardize, but such is the thinking in a country that in the past while has been dropping the ball.

The media has of late been occupied with other entirely legitimate priorities, but if at this stage the international community does not turn its eye to the oppression currently being exacted upon the people of Azerbaijan, then this will make oppression all the more convenient because the executive branch in Baku knows that no one is looking.

Percy Miracles

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