The deputy of German Parliament was not given permission to meet with arrested bloggers

The Deputy of German Parliament (Bundestag) Yorg Tauss came to Azerbaijan to meet with arrested bloggers - Emin Abdullayev and Adnan Hajizada. The information was spread by "Turan" agency quoting the German Embassy in Azerbaijan.

Yorg Tauss is a member of Social Democrats party. The deputy who is involved in education and scientific research has special ties with Azerbaijan and National Academy of Sciences.

The deputy was not given permission to meet with arrested bloggers. This was said to "Mediaforum" website by Hikmat Hajizada, Adnan Hajizada's father. He said that he doesn't have any particular information, only that the deputy's request for a meeting was rejected. Reminding that he was not able to meet his son himself, Hikmat Hajizada noted that his request to the investigation has been left without answer. Adnan Hajizada's lawyer Isakhan Ashurov said that he doesn't have information on whether or not German deputy's request for meeting has been satisfied.

Emin Milli and Adnan Hajizada were detained on July 8 in "Lebanese" restaurant after a fight. On July 10, they were detained for 2 months following a decision of Sabayil District Court on the charges of hooliganism.

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Sara W. said...

Yörg Tauss is not longer member of the Social Democrats Party. He had to leave after a scandal in which he was accused of watching children porn on the internet. Claiming to have researched for a campaign against children porn to his defence, he left the SPD and joined the newly founded Pirates' Party keeping his mandate in the parliament. The accusations might be wrong or right; they somehow killed Tauss' political credibility in Germany. Emin met Tauss several times during the last years before the scandal, when Tauss was part of the South Caucasus Group of German Parliament. Tauss helped a lot to set up the conference on the future of Azerbaijan in 2007 in the German Parliament.