Appeal: We have to raise international awareness

Adnan would always start appealing to people with “my dears” phrase. I am also appealing to you by using “my dears” phrase.

My dears,

Some of you are students, some of you professors, some of you socially active people, some government officials and some of you are Azerbaijanis living or studying abroad. We have to raise public and international awareness on Adnan’s and Emin’s arrest in order to help to achieve their release from prison. There is a need to write articles condemning Adnan’s and Emin’s arrest; make videos; come up with creative intiatives; inform the international organizations, think-tanks, newspapers, TV channels about this issue; we need to write different kind of appeals on behalf of international citizens and send them to local blogs, websites, to email addresses of well-known organizations and embassies.

Proposed variants:

1. Every person (living in Azerbaijan or abroad, no matter of age and professional or academic sector belonging) should write appeal letters condemning Adnan’s and Emin’s arrest and demanding their immediate release from prison and send them to mail and email addresses of embassies, local and international organizations. The appeal letters can be short or long, written in many different creative ways, (with pictures, colored pencils or crayons, written by kids and etc), in English or Azerbaijani, anonymous or any nick name mentioned in the bottom of the letter. You can send the appeal letters to email address of OL! Azerbaijan Youth Movement ( and we will replace it on our blog.

2. You can make support videos for Adnan and Emin no matter where you live. Support videos have to be short, every person within short period of time (10 seconds) can express their support for Adnan and Emin with short messages, and videos have to be in English. You can use phones, cameras and other devices depending on situation. Videos can be shared with others via youtube or facebook. You can also send them to our email address

There are different ways of showing our support. I ask everyone of you to be active, creative and show an effective result.

Ruslan Asadov

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