Alleged victims broke silence

by Aygun Muradkhanly

Babek Huseynov and Vusal Mammadov - alleged victims in Adnan Hajizadeh and Emin Milli's case addressed the media. They accused some media outlets of distorting the case and attempting to slander them : "They try to brand us as perpetrators. We protest this. We also feel as if influenced by these tales, police plots against us."

Media statement authors claim that loud nasty language used by Adnan, Emin and their companions spoiled their mood. Their attempt to call the group to order resulted in severe beating. They say they still undergo medical treatment at the hospital.

Babek Huseynov and Vusal Mammadov called on the media not to distort facts and stick to the truth.

Youth activists Adnan Hajizadeh and Emin Milli were charged with hooliganism and received 2 months pre-trial detention. A number of international human rights watchdogs condemned the arrest and called charges implausible.

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