Adnan, we will laugh more in days to come!

In a couple of months I would celebrate 11 years since we first met. Even though I have an urge to remember these 11 years sentimentally, I don't consider it necessary to go into details now. The only thing I know is that when we met back then, I knew unconsciously that you would be someone to remember in my life.

And so you were. After preparing together for the university exams, we kept in touch for a long time, meeting rarely, being part of the same discussion in forums, then becoming part of the same youth organization, colleagues and most importantly, close friends. You became someone I could trust and confide in anything.

You are my only friend to whom I am tied as if by blood and I have always felt about you as if about a brother I have never had. That's why I have never praised you.You know that brothers always compete with each other. But this time I won't be able to keep silent about some of your virtues.

If they ask me: "what do you think about when you hear "integrity"? I would say your name without thinking. You have always had this notion of "integrity". During these 11 years, I have never seen you acting dishonestly, lying or giving promises you wouldn't fulfill. I couldn't have seen. You don't know what "lack of integrity" means.

Yesterday in one of the internet forums, one of the ladies who knew you characterized you as follows: "Adnan is not a man of these lands." It was the best possible way to express and explain you. A person who has never paid a bribe in his life, never lied, never let down his friends, never looked out for material gains, who always fought for his ideals and spent his last penny on seeing his ideals come true cannot be a man of these lands.

I wish 20% of Azerbaijan would be strangers like you. Then I wouldn't have to praise you here.

Do you know how ridiculous do the people who accuse a person not capable of hurting a bug in beating a sportsman look? It's a pity you can't see it now, pity that you can't watch this theatre. But it's ok, soon we will be sitting somewhere, sipping beer and I would make you laugh telling you all the scenes of this theatre. I would make you laugh big time.

You are a person who, while walking in the city, would pick up trash which 2-3 people walking in front of you threw away and put it in a trash bin. If I wouldn't have seen it with my own eyes, I would have never believed it.

You are one of those rare ones who had all the opportunities to study and work and stay abroad. And yet you returned to the country full of problems. I didn't write a motherland on purpose. A motherland would not throw you in jail.

You are one the rare ones who went to the military service and served your country knowing that 1 year of military service is wrong and absurd and believing in principles of non-violence. You left your well paid job for a year to do that. No, I didn't write motherland. Motherland wouldn't treat her son like that.

They always tell us “don’t ask what the country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” I think that perhaps you are the only one who can ask anything from a Motherland with a clean conscience. Because your every day is a day on the road of this country's transformation into Motherland.

Adnan, if God would give me a son, I would want him to be like you! I love you, bro!

Vugar Salamli

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